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Authoritative, independent and credible journalism is becoming increasing rare these days. With the proliferation of broadcasting outlets and ‘social media’, reliable, reflective and trusted news sources are rapidly disappearing. With the impact of the current Covid pandemic, the economic crunch and the internal philosophical crises that have beset the modern media, traditional journalism -- gathering, assessing and presenting news and information in a digestible form alongside context, interpretation, comment, criticism, analysis and debate – is a dying art form.


On top of that freelance journalism is being squeezed out of existence. The traditional media is discarding the services of freelance journalists and expert commentators to concentrate on spot news and the unfiltered views of newsmakers. This News Blog is different from other news sites and intends to continue to bring stories, analysis and information without fear or favor. It is committed to bringing regular independent reporting and evaluate trends and developments in the region, particularly Myanmar.


A free press has never been as vital as it is now – to inform, educate and entertain -- in the midst of an increasingly complicated regional and international environment. In keeping with the original intention of online content, this news and analysis is free to the users. But as it is necessary to fund this one-person venture, it desperately needs financial support. Accepting advertising seems to run counter to the site’s approach: it is irritating and distracting for readers, when the whole basis of the blog is content driven. 


Therefore, this is an appeal to readers to contribute to the viability of the site by investing not only time in reading the content but by financially contributing to its operations. Sign up as a member or subscriber to the site, or by donating – no matter how little, every little bit counts. Be part of the new generation of modern consumers of news and analysis and stay abreast and ahead of developments in Asia and especially Myanmar.  


In due course the site will develop further, including a podcast. Those who signed up to become part of its community will receive added advantages – including advance notice of breaking stories, extra analytical ad intelligence content, detailed background reports written or recorded - podcast - and a free, signed copy of any book associated with the site when it is published. The first volume is already in the pipeline: “Myanmar’s Unfinished Revolution: the country’s transition to democracy 2010-2020”.    

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